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TeamMak Leaders in Vietnam!

By | Team Mak

This past week, TeamMak leaders from all over Australia travelled to Ho Chi Mingh City in Vietnam to celebrate another year of achievement in their Amway businesses. During the week there was tours of the Mekon Delta, tours of War memorials, dinner parties throughout the city and of course, XS Rave parties. At the week long event, leaders were unveiled the new Baltic Super Cruise qualification which has excitement flying through TeamMak and all over the country. Achievers is a trip that Amway Australia puts on every year whether it be Hawaii, Vietnam, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Thailand, Disneyland, Whistler or any of the plethora of destinations around the world! Be sure to find out what is happening on the Super trip by visiting 

The Biggest Event of the Year!

By | Team Mak

On the weekend of the 5th of October, Crown Ambassadors Patrick & Joyce Joe spoke to TeamMak in Melbourne. The biggest message was….go ALL IN to your dream with passion & conviction. You will succeed if you want it bad enough.

Team Mak at Amway Arena

By | Team Mak

On a trip to Orlando in recent years, members of Team Mak were given these seats at an Orlando Magic game. The owner of the Orlando Magic NBA team is no other than Rich Devos who is co-founder of Amway.

Team Mak Presents Derek Kosek on being retired at 26!

By | Team Mak

In February 2014, Team Mak will host Revolution Conference in Perth, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. As Part of this event, New Emeralds Derek & Jill Kosek will be flying in from Chicago to share about how they have developed a strong & profitable business which allowed Derek to leave his corporate job at 26 years old.

Team Mak Youth Camp 2013 is filling up!

By | Team Mak

Team Mak Youth Camp 2013 is filling up with only 12 spots left! The camp is going to have 200 participants come on board this year.
Since it’s inception in 2006, the camp has grown every year and has seen over 950 youth come through.

The camp is based on the original Yager Youth Leadership Camp out run by Dexter & Birdie Yager out of North Carolina.

The Australian camp run by TeamMak is based on leadership, goal setting, team work and integrity.

Check out last year’s Flash Mob dance!